• Please send orders and texts for evaluation via e-mail to the address given in the Contact Me tab

• Please specify the suggested date you would like your translation ready

• If possible, please deliver any available additional materials, such as: previous translations and glossaries and dictionaries used in the project so far, CAT tools' translation memories (Trados, MemoQ) and other documents that will ensure consistency and accuracy of terminology

• Please be specifice concerning your requirements as regards the layout and form of the translated text (output format, degree of compliance with the source file in terms of appearance).

• The translated text is sent to you back via e-mail or in case of larger files, the translation is uploaded to my FTP server and you will receive a link to download the file

Important information

• Each translation is valued on the basis of the number of pages/words in the source document.

• Price of the translation may vary depending on the layout of the document and necessity of  converting file formats (mainly PDF files because those may require additional time).

• Payment shall be 14 days from sending the translated text to you.

• Payment shall be made by transfer to a specified bank account.

• I issue VAT invoices for my services.

• All submitted materials are treated as confidential information and I agree not to hand them over to any third parties.

• Any complaints will be considered up to 7 working days from the date of sending the translation to you.

• For any questions regarding the translation and pricing, please contact me via e-mail or telephone. Contact details can be found here